Our Services

Feng Shui Living is proud to offer you the finest quality comprehensive consulting services.  You can be assured of courteous, friendly attention and complete confidentiality, highly respectful of the private elements of your personal or business life.  Each consultation is undertaken with a total commitment to your specified requirements, aimed ultimately at creating balanced, attractive surroundings where lasting positive changes occur and everyone feels good.  You can read some clients’ comments on our Clients Feedback page, and view our Fees guidelines here.

Your Requirements

No property is too small or too difficult to work with and achieve worthwhile results. The diverse range of consulting engagements undertaken spans from studio apartments to townhouses, villas and stately homes, from home-run businesses to professional practice premises, office buildings and significant corporate or public organisations. Feng shui is a most rewarding and life-changing practice and it has brought huge benefits to our clients. We look forward to having the opportunity of talking to you, receiving your inquiries, answering any questions you may have concerning Feng Shui and providing our services for you.

Our Services Include: