Environmental Well Being

In our practice, we consider that your personal welfare is the priority.  Our aim is to enrich your life in a meaningful way that not only enhances your surroundings, but also supports your own health and well being.  That is why we offer a holistic range of services covering core Feng Shui, design, environmental and personal lifestyle considerations.

Personal Energy Re-balancing

When a place has been purified it feels better, you can also expect to feel better in it. However when life has brought you challenges, you may like to have a similar treatment for yourself.  A personal body clearing session is a pleasant, relaxing and revitalising healing experience that will help you feel calmer, healthier and happier.  It will 'space cleanse' accumulated stresses and imbalances,  release them, realign your subtle body and restore your personal wellbeing.  Elevated environmental stress held in your body is usually discharged at the same time. You may also be given some lifestyle and nutrition recommendations. As a result you feel more in harmony with yourself, then you can fully enjoy your surroundings.

Sylvia is trained in transformational healing by the exceptionally gifted Chinese healer Sam Ng.  She is a member of the Doctor-Healer Network and holds stress counseling, nutrition, allergy and environmental therapy qualifications, for which she is professionally registered and insured. 

Healthy Living Surveys

A healthy living survey is really empowering, it can literally change your life and help those close to you stay healthier. Together we look at your household and personal care products, bedding, lighting, flooring, decorating materials, houseplants, air quality, computer, clutter and more.  Output from electronic equipment is measured using professional EMF meters and recommendations made for reducing excess levels. Relevant written information is provided for you to follow afterwards and safer, natural, non-toxic or bio-degrading products are suggested where applicable.

Your Personal Lifestyle Choices

Improving your environmental lifestyle is beneficial but it is also essential to take care of yourself, if only for fifteen minutes a day. Some easy personal adjustments and relaxing activities will clear your mind and raise your energy levels.  Try stretching, yoga, swimming, jogging or walking in a park, woods or near water. Meditate to let go of tension and connect inwardly. Play your favourite soothing music to uplift your spirit. Soak in the bath with essential oils and candles. Taking time out for yourself releases stress and quickly transform stress oruncomfortable thoughts into calmer,  positive feelings. It is important to give yourself clear space and pamper yourself regularly, and to minimise your use of mobiles, cordless phones, WIFI and computers. Then you are able to cope better with the challenges that life inevitably throws at you.