Relocating Your Home

Moving home is a busy time and you will want all the assistance available to help you settle in happily.  Having a Feng Shui consultation soon after you move in makes a huge difference to ensure that you quickly enjoy a home with an optimum healthy energetic flow.  Vital decisions will be addressed in the consultation, including room allocations, appropriate furniture and beds positions, arranging the kitchen and all rooms harmoniously for everyone’s needs, the right workspace set up and innovative storage solutions, plus lots of other helpful support will be available. It is also an ideal time to use Feng Shui input at the early stages of a renovation or new construction. A site assessment then working from the plans initially is an advantageous opportunity to achieve the very best result for your project.  

Pre-Purchase Consulting

When you are thinking of buying a new property and have found one or some that you like, it is possible for us to carry out a helpful pre-purchase Feng Shui assessment for you. A property pre-purchase appraisal involves an overview of the property’s evident positives and negatives in terms of Feng Shui as well as its potential suitability for you and your family according to its orientation and your birth date. Solutions will also be suggested to harmonise and neutralise any undesirable features that are highlighted at this stage of the property's evaluation if requested.

The work can be effectively undertaken remotely from estate agents details, full postal address, floor plan and photos and I will also request birth dates.
Or an on-site evaluation consultation can be conducted, if preferred instead. This initial evaluation is usually sufficient to put your mind at rest that various Feng Shui considerations are sound, or are possible to rectify after you move in. Feng Shui and Vastu combined pre- purchase evaluations can also be undertaken.

Pre-Sale Consulting

There are key areas of a property that always influence prospective purchasers most in their decision making. If they are wrong you can lose out. Clever Feng Shui principles of placement and energy flow will help to optimise your potential more easily and more successfully.  As long as you are able to ‘walk Sylvia round’ by iPhone, tablet or Skype to view your place remotely, she may  be  able to advise you of what to do to help clinch your sale without the need of a visit. Alternatively she can advise you whether an on-site consultation would be more preferable to get the result you seek.  
For more information please read Selling your Home Successfully in our Homes page.

Relocating Your Workplace

When you relocate to new work premises, commercial Feng Shui principles will help to attract brand new  opportunities and increased profitability to boost the progress of your business.  Essential commercial Feng Shui strategies that directly support its sound development will be applied,  including selecting the most profitable locations and advantageous layout for various departments , introducing subtle elements to reduce staff disharmony and increase productivity and creating a positive energy flow to help you achieve specific goals.

Relocating from Abroad

Organising an international move can be very stressful, particularly when you are unable to view yourself before making a commitment.  Sylvia is very experienced in providing a unique relocating preview service that has made the process less challenging and more successful for our clients.  We will visit a property of interest on your behalf, then send you a comprehensive set of photo images of the interior, the current furnishings and the external surroundings, for you to compare with the ones you have seen; check out all the features of concern to you and provide a Feng Shui overview assessment.  We can also supply other bespoke services according to your individual requirements, including sourcing basic furnishing, décor items and initial provisions to make your arrival more comfortable for you. We will also be happy to undertake certain communications with the property agents if you so wish.