Feng Shui Design

The overall effect of Feng Shui design is a pleasingly healthy sense of emotional contentment and visual balance. It transforms and energises living and working environments. Its unique influence stems from a harmoniously defined, stylish use of natural elements and the creation of a distinct subtle feeling that reflects a sense of natural rhythm and space.  Feng Shui design concepts will help you select optimum locations for major features, including main rooms, beds, doors, stairs and toilets; the best furniture arrangement, kitchen layout and appliances;  innovative, cost-effective storage solutions; aesthetic colour coordination and the use of beautiful natural materials within your preferred design. Whether you are about to embark on a project, or have already commenced it, Sylvia is very happy to provide Feng Shui design input at any stage and it is not unusual for her to work consistently with clients as their project evolves.   She holds a professional interior design diploma from the National Design Academy.

Feng Shui Style

The beauty of your property can be discreetly enhanced by Feng Shui Style influences. Beneficial principles are sensitively introduced according to your own preferences.  A comprehensive service is offered, including colour and textile selection, design, kitchen planning and effective choices of lighting, furnishings, plants and decor accessories. Strategic placement of water brings a positive potential for your career and good fortune and it can be included in this type of consultation. For clients who do not require the full traditional consultation, we are happy to offer a Feng Shui Style consultation customised to your personal taste and constraints.

Feng Shui Colour Planning

We use colour In Feng Shui design to bring harmony into a space, to calm or energise it.  Attractive accents of the right colours introduced in a room will stimulate the mood that is desired, be it creative inspiration, clear mindedness, joyful interaction or nurturing intimacy.  Colour has a language that communicates with our mind, which responds in predictable ways, both consciously and subconsciously. The basic Feng Shui colour locations are not necessarily best in reality, for example red decor in the South can be too stimulating, whilst blue decor in a couple’s North facing bedroom will feel too cool. Sylvia takes a functional approach to her recommendations of Feng Shui colours to achieve a perfectly balanced end result.  She usually suggests a blend of appropriate colour accents according to your room use and taste, whilst introducing the traditional elemental colours that will complement the location and support your personal natal element preference. It is often really effective to introduce colour elements with natural objects such as plants, minerals and stoneware. Feng Shui colour planning is available for any room.