Why Have a Feng Shui Consultation

Having a Feng Shui consultation is beneficial whenever you wish to enrich your life and enhance your living or working surroundings;  when moving; making structural alterations or redecorating;  aiming for career progress;  seeking relationship fulfillment;  dealing with life changes and challenges;  needing to clear clutter or subtle energy congestion.  The aim of Feng Shui is to enrich the quality of your life by enhancing the function of your property and your harmonious connection with it.  Our recommendations consistently bring successful outcomes for our clients, some of whom have permitted us to publish their comments in our Clients Feedback page.

Arranging the Consultation

Usually consultations start with an initial telephone conversation to discuss your requirements and what you wish to achieve, considering the various services we are able to offer you, agreeing the fee and arranging a date to visit your residential or commercial property, all confirmed prior to the meeting.  Feng Shui Living is proud of its reputation for providing clients with dedicated, effective professional services, supplying reports and giving free support plus a progress review after every consultation.  We consult internationally for all types of homes and gardens, businesses, offices, corporate organisations, public buildings and urban landscapes.

Consultation Procedure

Prior to visiting, Sylvia makes some preparatory calculations. She requests basic information about your property, your priorities and concerns, a floor plan and birth dates of the occupants or business personnel.  Initially at the visit, all your reasons for having the consultation are discussed in depth, to make sure your needs are well understood and the outcome will fully satisfy your expectations. A compass reading is taken next using a complex Chinese Luopan compass, to determine the precise orientation and direction zones of the property.  Key calculations, including the changing time influences, can then be made made to determine favourable or problematical areas and how to optimise their positive potential most effectively.

The Feng Shui Survey  

A thorough evaluation of your entire property is made, both inside and outside. The process begins by studying the close exterior environment to analyse how the surrounding landscape is affecting your property and where the main sources of life-giving energy (qi) originate from. Your main entrance area is most important so it gets key consideration. We then visit every room together and an in-depth appraisal is made of the location and layout of key features, personal interactions, natural elements, colours, lighting, time factor, wealth location and other relevant internal and external factors.  Feng Shui design advice for your new décor choices or renovation project can easily be incorporated if required.


Our recommendations are always practical, stylish and achievable, following long established authentic Feng Shui principles. They help to balance and harmonise energetic patterns, neutralise any negative features of the premises, strengthen weak sectors, optimise good areas and assist aspects of your life in which you wish to gain advancement.  Many adjustments have a powerful impact and most are easily accomplished, often involving only the specific placement of water or plants, introducing certain other natural elements or traditional remedies, removing items or rearranging furniture layout.  With your surroundings supporting you rather than holding you back, improvements will happen gradually over several weeks or months, although dynamic positive changes can also occur within days.