Feng Shui for Business 

Many of the most forward-thinking organisations in the world today use Feng Shui. They value it as an essential investment for increasing growth and profitability and to gain an edge on their competitors. Our consultancy practices well-established techniques used to achieve outstanding results across Hong Kong, China and Asia and just as effective in the West. Using Feng Shui could dramatically revolutionise your commercial success with better sales figures and profits, responsive customers and productive, loyal staff. It is equally applicable to home-based workplaces and individual businesses as well as large organisations and public institutions. Sylvia has consulted for a wide variety of commercial clients, ranging from small businesses to large corporations, including Showrooms, Offices, Factories, Hotels, Restaurants, Art galleries, Publishers, Executive suites, City banking headquarters, International insurance, trading and IT companies, Recruitment agencies,  Dental & Healthcare practices and the NHS. Recent clients are London Taxi Company for their innovative production facility.  Christie's, the world renowned auction house, follow this link to Christie's video.

Case Study

View Sylvia’s talk "Urban Alchemy" and see for yourself how Feng Shui principles transformed the business success of the O2 (the former Millennium Dome).

Corporate Services

A commercial Feng Shui survey is approached quite differently to residential consulting, shaped to your exclusive requirements. Its objectives are geared primarily towards optimising your business potential and harmonising staff energetics. Sylvia will have an initial discussion with you about each key aspect of your consultation to clarify your expectations and maximise the effectiveness of our corporate consulting. You can be assured of a sensitive and trustworthy, highly professional level of service.  Fees are agreed in advance and reflect the brief of each client, quoted either as an inclusive fee, or on an hourly or daily basis for complex projects. A written report or ongoing reports are provided, including layout plans and suggested adaptations where appropriate, together with generous follow-up contact and confidentiality assurance.   Problems in a business can sometimes stem from Feng Shui concerns in your home, or that of your key personnel, and it is worth investigating whether expert help would be useful there as well.

Consultation Procedure

A survey of your entire premises is undertaken.  Factors identified during the assessment as potentially holding back your business progress are fully addressed. Taken into consideration are physical influences externally and internally, the energy flow throughout and An evaluation of working positions for you and key personnel is made based on your energetic preferences and the compass orientation of the building. Authentic Feng Shui strategies to strengthen business success and remedies to safeguard your workspace are recommended, many as simple as using plants, water, natural elements, lighting, colours and artwork. Throughout the consultation you will receive our expert advice and commitment to meet your specific aims and concerns, extended when requested to include storage solutions, décor, design, business projection, re-planning and refurbishment, personnel relationships and resolvable environmental problems.


You profit when your working environment feels good.  A well-considered harmonious atmosphere encourages clear-thinking, better decision-making, creativity and productive outcomes. It attracts and retains motivated, loyal people who perform well and work harder. There will tend to be a reduction of disputes, illness or boredom when you are perceived to care about the well being of your business environment. When workspace energetics are enhanced, everyone benefits.  A consultation is advantageous at any stage whenever you require assistance, even as early as sourcing suitable premises or designing internal layouts.  Sylvia’s former business and personal development experience, her Feng Shui, design, colour and environmental expertise and her flair for applying them effectively to suit western business needs, make her a highly accomplished practitioner.

Corporate Identity     

Your website content, logo, business card, corporate colours and publicity all convey strong messages to others about your business. Feng Shui is a powerful tool for creating and projecting a strong, successful corporate identity. A distinctive corporate identity that communicates the unique value of your business positively is a key factor for attracting more clients, reaching out to your customers, boosting your growth and retaining staff loyalty. We will analyse the projection quality of your promotional materials and provide a perceptive appraisal of your branding image, giving you realistic suggestions through to redesign participation if required

Dynamic Motivation

Surprisingly accurate insights regarding a person’s personality, preferences, strengths and limitations can be gained from a their date of birth by using a reliable oriental astrological system called Nine Ki. We regularly provide this service to business organisations. Identifying tendencies and interpersonal dynamics in advance enables you to select appropriate personnel, build outstanding teams, harmonise relationships and optimise performance potential. Understanding yourself, apartner, employee, customer, job applicant or competitor gives you a far better opportunity to make effective decisions and get the best out of people.  Auspicious dates for moving premises, launching a new venture or product, signing contracts and other matters can also be calculated to assist your business success.

Environmental Considerations

Environmental aesthetics and subliminal perception greatly affect performance and morale. Uplifting colour choices, light, textures, natural materials and plants are all known to create a balanced environment, boost concentration, mood, and vitality. Conversely boredom or restlessness may become an issue when a workplace lacks visual stimulation.Plants have a valuable role in the workplace as they remove atmospheric toxins, improve air quality and regulate ambient temperature and humidity.  Therefore these are important considerations in our business Feng Shui assessments.  Environmental surveys can also be conducted to identify and offer solutions for sick building syndrome and excessive electronic fields They can cause ailments such as headaches, respiratory problems, pains, poor concentration, moodiness or lethargy. Electronic emissions are measured with professional field metres. If you think your business environment may be affected by undesirable former occurrences, it is essential to prevent their continuation by clearing these intangible influences. Sylvia’s expertise extends to successfully undertaking this work.  For further information please read our pages Environmental Surveys and Space Clearing.