Environmental Surveys

Environmental Surveys address various aspects of environmental stress that could be adversely affecting you in your home or workplace and provide solutions.  Sylvia's environmental expertise, coupled with her practical knowledge about the construction of buildings has proved very helpful for many of our clients.  An environmental survey is particularly recommended when you buy or sell a property or relocate your workplace.

Investigations Offered

Advising on the potential impact of environmental features such as water, landscape, roads and entrances. Measuring the electronic emissions from power sources inside and outside your property. Resolving the detrimental effects of sick building syndrome (SBS) in the workplace and home. Identifying natural and man-made geopathic stress and resolving it when possible.
Eliminating residual traces of undesirable subtle energy. More in Subtle Space Attunement page.
Clutter management and storage strategies. See Clutter Management page.
Healthy Living Surveys. Visit Lifestyle & Wellbeing page.

Reducing Avoidable Electronic Fields

Undue exposure to elevated electronic fields can cause feelings of unease and physical ailments. We use professional EMF and pulsed RF testing equipment to measure the emissions from electronic equipment, microwaves,  computers, transformers, wireless installations, mobile phones and other sources you may be concerned about.  You will be given clear advice about how best to overcome any problems that are found and how to minimise electronic overload.

Resolving Sick Building Syndrome

In an environment affected by Sick Building Syndrome, people may say they do not 'like' the place or it does not feel 'comfortable' to them. Their reactions indicate that the building is suffering from environmental  situations that can cause unpleasant symptoms.  Common reasons are poor air quality, electronic overload, inappropriate lighting, chemical emissions from equipment and materials, noise disturbance, from geopathic stress or Feng Shui related issues.  When we help you to overcome Sick Building Syndrome problems there is usually a dramatic improvement in health, productivity, absenteeism and staff turnover.

Geopathic Stress Solutions

Geopathic Stress often causes disharmony, anxiety, sleep disturbances and health problems. Its presence and origin can be accurately identified by us. It occurs naturally where the earth's organised electromagnetic network is compromised due to certain underground water and subterranean geology, or through man-made disturbances such as digging foundations, motorways, underground tunnels and service channels. Our expert advice would help to ameliorate those effects. It may otherwise originate from adverse subtle information residues held in the ground or in a property.