Having a Feng Shui Home Consultation  

Would you like to feel more comfortable and less stressed in your home, less stuck and free to move forward, happier in your personal or work relationships ?  Do you desire a more harmonious, uplifting living space, a tranquil intimate bedroom, an interior that connects you closer to nature, a sanctuary, a successful workspace, a renovation, a change?  A Feng Shui Living home consultation will focus on your priorities to help transform your life positively; you can feel safe to share your deep concerns with Sylvia as every consultation is treated with total confidentiality.  Our home consultations range from simple advice to in-depth situations and complex re-planning, property sales and new moves. No place is too complicated or too small to achieve worthwhile results.

Why Engage a Professional Consultant    

A professional consultation is far more extensive and complex than the basic Feng Shui you can learn to use from books, the internet or a short course. Rather than trying to cut corners, engaging a competent Feng Shui specialist with several years practice experience is likely to be a really worthwhile investment.   Ask about credentials, references, study sources and background expertise, for example design and interpersonal skills, that are relevant to the overall consultation quality.

How a Home Feng Shui Consultation Helps

Having a home Feng Shui consultation is a powerful catalyst for change. It gives you time-honoured tools that will help you create and enjoy a harmonious and inspiring living space. When you get the best out of your home environment, your life responds and becomes happier, more successful and healthier. Our effective traditional Feng Shui recommendations will invariably transform how your home supports you and consequently help you to achieve the outcomes you seek.

What is involved

Every part of your property is surveyed, then the energetic story of your home can be accurately assessed and understood and effective solutions can be recommended.  You are invited to participate throughout and Sylvia explains why her conclusions have been reached, so that the process is educational and a shared experience. It also means if you feel uncomfortable with any adjustment, she always suggests effective alternatives that do feel right for you.  She gives you dependable, affordable and practical Feng Shui recommendations that will work perfectly to enhance your environment, personal lifestyle and ambitions.  The length of a consultation depends on your requirements and your property’s size, a flat or small house visit usually takes three to four hours. Generous follow up contact support is freely available to ensure you get the best possible outcomes.    
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Redecorating and Renovation  

When you are planning additions or renovations to your property, thinking of redecorating, installing a new kitchen or re-planning other rooms, established Feng Shui design concepts will bring that extra style dynamic and many clever living solutions. We can help you to create a balanced harmonious feeling, while avoiding negative aspects.  Sylvia will assist with your project at any stage and situation. She also has sound experience of working together with clients and their own architects or designers as the plans develop.  Sylvia is an affiliate member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Landscape Institute and she has a professional design qualification.

Selling your Home Successfully  

It is well known that buyers usually make their decision within a few minutes of entering a property, this is because people are so sensitive to environments when viewing places. When you want to sell your property, Feng Shui advice will help you gain the most advantageous result and it could save you time and money. Targeted Feng Shui input will enhance its appeal, potentially increase its value and help to sell it faster.  If a place does not sell quickly despite being fairly priced, there is always an underlying reason. With older buildings, it may be associated with their history as much as their construction. When you have lived in your home for some years it is normal to miss the clues. Even new properties may need an expert eye.