Q  How does Feng Shui work?

a.  It stabilises and harmonises the environment, encourages a supportive energy flow, corrects imbalances,  optimises opportunities and turns negatives into positives.  The right adjustments, however small, will make a big difference.  

Q  How can an ancient Chinese practice be effective in Europe now?

a.  The lasting success of traditional Feng Shui lies in its adaptability, its strategies to gain positive advantages and solutions to safeguard from undesirable influences.

Q  Having read Feng Shui books with conflicting information, now confused.

a.  Some Feng Shui books explain the fundamentals of traditional Chinese Feng Shui.  Others describe the commercial ‘new age’ variation that was developed in America during the nineteen eighties.   

Q  How can I tell the difference?

a.  The magnetic alignment of a building and factors relating to time are the two essential Feng Shui basics that determine environmental effects on a property and its occupants. The modern western variation uses neither.
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Q  What kind of Feng Shui do you practice?

a.   Authentic traditional Feng Shui.

Q  Where did you learn Feng Shui?

a.   Initially in Hong Kong, then extensive studies with three Chinese masters.  

Q  I am worried you will tell me to move.

a.  Don’t worry, it won’t happen, quality Feng Shui provides effective solutions.  

Q  I am worried you will tell me I must change walls or doors.

a.  Such a recommendation is impractical and stressful, so it does not happen in our practice.

Q  I am concerned that I won’t like what you tell me to do.

a.  Your own preferences are priority, so Sylvia makes sure you are happy with all her recommendations.

Q  I cant afford expensive changes, will your recommendations cost a lot?

a.  Recommendations are only effective when they are practical and affordable. We won’t ask you to do anything unattainable.

Q  Do I have to clear all my clutter before I can have a Feng Shui consultation?

a.   It definitely helps to clear some beforehand, do the rest as part of your Feng Shui improvements plan.
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Q  I have a lot of clutter, does that matter?

a.  Yes; it causes stagnation, blockages and other problems that may hold you back.  

Q  How do I arrange a consultation?

a   Contact us about your requirements and have an initial conversation with Sylvia to agree the fee and visit date.

Q  How long does a consultation take?

a.   At least three to four hours.

Q  What if I have more questions afterwards?

a.   You are free to ask Sylvia, she will also contact you for a three months progress review.

Q  How long does it take to see a result begin?

 a.  Usually gradually as energy changes over a few weeks or months, though it can happen much sooner.  

Q  How long does an improvement last, is it permanent or temporary?

a.   Once there is a shift, it should be permanent and you can even build on it further.

Q  Planning to renovate my property, is this a good time for a consultation?  

a.  Certainly, Feng Shui will be very helpful. We could also give you some design suggestions for the plan.

Q  I have seen a property I want to buy, will it will be right for me?   

a.  A pre-purchase Feng Shui assessment  overview will answer your concerns.
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Q  I cannot manage to sell my flat, can Feng Shui help?  

a.  A Feng Shui consultation, with or without subtle energy clearing, could resolve the underlying reasons.
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