About Vastu 

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian practice with many parallels to Feng Shui. Vastu is the Sanskrit word for dwelling place or abode and Shastra means science and knowledge.Rooted in Hindu culture but not exclusive to it, Vastu has a distinct philosophy as an architectural system of building design and construction. Its aim is to establish harmonious living conditions that promote stability, prosperity, happiness and peace for the occupants of a Vastu dwelling. The science and practice of Vastu embraces macrocosm and microcosm; linking the earth’s magnetic field and cosmology with the body of a property and a person. Fundamental to Vastu is the Indian understanding that many life-giving forces, collectively known as prana, are present in the environment. Vastu principles aim to assist your connection with these beneficial life-affirming forces.

Vastu Consulting 

There are specific rules for each main direction, initially identified by the overlay of the traditional Vastu Perusha Mandala grid on to the property plan. Optimum use of each of the eight compass locations for the placement of rooms and features is combined with favorable arrangement of the five basic universal elements of water, fire, earth, air and space, known as pancha maha bhoota,  enable individuals to enjoy equilibrium and harmony in their living environment. They are also related to our five senses, shapes, objects, colours, deities and characteristics.

  • Over ten years experience in Vastu practice
  • Affiliate member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) & Landscape Institute.
  • Flexible approach and attentive to clients’ requirements
  • Optimisation of prana life-force
  • Planning and creating the most harmonious living space and work spaces
  • Best location for meditation room or altar placement
  • Modern practical, realistic application, not limited by traditional construction restraints
  • Recommendations that will help you feel calm and at ease in your home

Sylvia studied and trained for several years with Bilkis Whelan, the late internationally renowned Vastu Shastra expert and author, and received much valued guidance from her. Now with fourteen years practice experience, she has worked with many clients to incorporate Vastu features in their houses, during construction or renovation, when moving into a new home and to help increase family harmony. Vastu practitioners in India today incorporate feng shui as well, because their clients get better results. It is always an honour to be asked to do this work combined with Feng Shui consulting or sensitive space purification and consecration processes.

Since founding her consultancy Feng Shui Living in 1994, Sylvia Bennett has been fully involved in feng shui and vastu shastra practice.  Sylvia is an accredited consultant, honorary life fellow and Chair of the Feng Shui Society, which is the UK’s professional registering body.  Also qualified in interior design, she is an affiliate of the Royal Instituteof British Architects (the RIBA) and the Landscape Institute.