Feng Shui Aesthetics

Feng Shui aesthetics means a lot more than just design. It cares about how a place feels at a subliminal level and as its primary objective it considers people's well being, health and comfort. Tapping into the inbuilt senses that have governed human life since hunter-gatherer times, its priorities are how well you thrive and flourish due to your instinctive responses to your surroundings.  Does the approach to your property feelsupportive or draining? Does the entrance area feel uplifting, safe and embracing? Will people sleep peacefully in the bedroom? Will children be healthy and feel confident?  Will work personnel feel happy and loyal and achieve their best performance? Are toilets safely positioned and in a suitable location, or what can be done to help?

The Environmental Approach to Design

Feng Shui design has a perceptive regard for environmental aesthetics and has proved to be highly effective when working with individual clients, or with their architects, specifiers and space planners. It is a dynamic, insightful approach to the design of residential living space and workspace alike, which is exactly what our experienced knowledge of Feng Shui design offers you.  Sensitive environmental design aesthetics introduce a harmonious, holistic connection between your inner awareness and your surroundings. Its considerations acknowledge the deeper responses of our senses, use the vibrational frequencies of colours to create the most agreeable atmosphere in a room, and appreciate the eco-benefits of bringing plants and nature into domestic surroundings and office settings alike. 

Beauty, Affection and Love

Aesthetic appreciation is an essential part of effective Feng Shui today. The bond between you and your living environment is one of the most meaningful elements of your life, it can transform your mood, creativity, inner peace and happiness.  When a place feels right, it nourishes your spirit as much as your eyes. It resonates at a subconscious level with a satisfying feeling of affection and beauty.  Without that intangible quality, the most sumptuous place feels empty, devoid of love.