About Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian practice that shares close parallels to Feng Shui. Vastu is the Sanskrit word for dwelling place, residence or abode. Shastra means science and knowledge. Rooted far back in traditional Hindu culture, Vastu aims to shape harmonious living conditions that promote happiness, stability, peace and prosperity for the occupants. A desirable connection with the life-affirming potential of your property is established through the skilled application of Vastu’s distinct philosophy combined with its architectural guidelines.

The systematic science and practice of Vastu Shastra embraces macrocosm and microcosm; it links the earth’s magnetic field and cosmology with the body of a property and the spirit of a person. Fundamental is the understanding that many life-giving forces, collectively known as Prana, are present in the environment.  Each compass location has specific Vastu attributes that guide the optimum placement of rooms, their various functions and features influenced by the sun’s daily path.  Residing in each zone are the universal elements of water, fire, earth, air and space, termed pancha bhootas, and the cosmic forces of the ruling deities. They are represented in the legendary Mandala of Vastu Purusha, a location grid with nine squares which can be overlaid on to the property plan. A favourable arrangement permits occupants to enjoy equilibrium and harmony in their living space.

Vastu Consulting

With two decades of Vastu practice experience, Sylvia Bennett’s professional expertise has become much valued within the Indian-Asian community. It has earned her a trusted reputation as a top international Vastu Shastra consultant. Sylvia will help you to incorporate Vastu features within an existing residence, when moving into a new property and during construction or renovations. She always respectfully honours your cultural preferences, beliefs and expectations.

Sylvia studied Vastu Shastra with the celebrated Vastu expert Bilkis Wheelan, after establishing her Feng Shui Living consultancy in 1994. She practices Feng Shui, Vastu and both combined,  is a fully accredited consultant, former Chair and now Honorary Life Fellow of the Feng Shui Society, the professional registering body in Europe.  Also qualified in interior design, Sylvia is an affiliate of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Landscape Institute.

Our Vastu Consulting Services include:

  • A realistic modern application of Vastu, authentically based on traditional Vedic principles  
  • Attentive support for your unique personal circumstances and requirements
  • Prana life-force optimisation throughout, locations for your Pooja room, Mandir and meditation
  • Recommendations to help you feel harmoniously connected and happy in your surroundings
  • Creating the most positive environment for family wellbeing and for work progress
  • Sensitive subtle space purification and consecration, as a separate service by request

Combining Vastu and Feng Shui

Because it is rare for existing buildings to fulfil the dictates of Vastu alone, due to their design, orientation or location, in India today many Vastu practitioners incorporate Feng Shui recommendations to help their clients achieve desired outcomes. Feng Shui has several different layers to enable supportive flexibility, offering practical solutions that overcome Vastu limitations.  Connecting these two ancient practices creates a powerful synergy which produces exceptionally successful results.   Sylvia’s longstanding expertise in combining both systems has produced the most desirable effect for many of her clients without compromising their cultural lifestyle needs.