The Chinese Calendar

The Gregorian or solar calendar is officially used now in China, nevertheless most traditional celebrations still follow the Chinese lunar calendar. That explains why even though the Chinese year starts on the 4th February, occasionally on the 5th, the date of the New Year festival varies each year. It is celebrated on the first day of the second new moon after the winter solstice.

BaZi - Four Pillars

This is a complex Chinese astrology system of life analysis, based upon the elements present in your birth chart. On a practical level, where an excess or lack of certain elements is evident in someone’s chart, compensating elements that will support your welfare can be placed in your surroundings. The  Four Pillars system is also used to predict factors influencing a person’s present, past or future life destiny and for forecasting cycles of fortune. Feng Shui Living does not provide horoscopes or offer forecasting advice.

Your Chinese Horoscope Animal

Everyone likes to know which is their Chinese animal. There are twelve animals and each Chinese year has its own element and animal assigned to it. For example, from 4 February 2014 is the year of the Wood Horse. It is in fact the BaZi year pillar.  Your Chinese horoscope animal is the one that corresponds to your year of birth, or the previous year if you were born before 4 February.    A personal natal chart showing  your Chinese horoscope animal is included in every consultation report. The chart also includes which East or West group of compass directions, elements and colours you energetically favour and how to benefit from them.  Natal charts can be provided independently on request.

Nine Ki

Nine Ki is a numerical system for identifying influences present at our birth date and how they shape our personality and various attributes. It is popular due to its accurate revelations about who we are, how we appear to others and what drives us superficially and deeply. A Nine Ki analysis will help to clarify strengths and tendencies, determine suitability for different tasks, gain insight into relationship interactions and the directions to take any year. It is equally valuable for individuals and for business leaders wishing to understand their employees’ dynamics and optimise performance.  Face to face or distance readings are available.

Auspicious Date Selection

Timing is everything.  An auspicious day can be selected for significant activities such as marketing a property, moving in, starting building work or a new job, getting married, to commence a new business project, sign contracts, move offices, engage key personnel and more.  To choose an auspicious day, the elemental compatibility between an individual and the day itself is important, as well as eliminating generally inauspicious days. Generally lucky days in the Chinese year are those when the orbit of the Earth’s revolution around the Sun projects on the Celestial Globe.   Auspicious Date Selection analysis is available by email upon request.

When assessing a property, Sylvia uses some of the Feng Shui astrology systems mentioned above to evaluate changing energy patterns, in order to make sure you get the very best results from your consultation.