Working with Architects

We have formed successful relationships with practicing architects, working with them on behalf of our clients to incorporate the best Feng Shui features into their renovation, restoration, extensions and new-build projects for residential properties, commercial buildings, gardens and urban design.  Sylvia has assisted many clients in the UK and overseas with their visions and aspirations in the development of structural work and re-design of interior and exterior space.  Highly experienced in incorporating sound Feng Shui concepts realistically into architectural plans and drawings, she is always keen to work directly with architects teams to participate in their projects.  Having an interior design diploma and  garden design expertise, she is an Affiliate member of both the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Landscape Institute.

Landscape Architecture

The influence of external factors is far more powerful than interior features according to Feng Shui theory. Even when a building cannot be augmented structurally, or only minimal internal Feng Shui adjustments can be made, huge benefit can be gained by applying Feng Shui principles outside, around the entrance and in the grounds. Feng Shui and Landscape Architecture have close similarities, both aiming to ensure that the natural environment is sensitive, nurturing and sustainable.  Both combine aesthetic, social and economic perspectives with ecological design so that people, plants and animals thrive. Landscape architecture features that Sylvia may recommend where appropriate include living green walls and roofs, planting and habitats for birds and insects,natural healing environments and recycled water resources.

Urban Design

Urban development design strategies are what make our cities great, or leave much to be desired.  A positive way forward is collaboration between professionals practicing a range of relevant specialisms to successfully shape our present and future built environment. We welcome opportunities to provide our Feng Shui expertise to this end.  Our experience notably includes providing Feng Shui landscaping guidelines for London’s Earls Court urban redevelopment master plan and, as a Plymouth Architectural Trust committee member, involvement in the initial urban planning concept for the future regeneration of Plymouth town centre.