Remote Consultations

Should it be impractical to visit your property due to travelling distance, in some instances we can provide a satisfactory internet-based remote consultation service.  We request an accurate compass reading and floor plan, information about the property itself, some specific details about the exterior surroundings, dates of birth and your main reasons for wanting the consultation. Google Earth images, a video or photographs of your place and Skype or email contact will enable Sylvia to conduct an effective off-site survey.  You will receive a recommendations report plus charts and as always, our helpful free follow-up services are available afterwards.

Pre-Purchase Consulting

When you are thinking of buying a new property and have found one or some that you like, it is possible for us to carry out a pre-purchase Feng Shui assessment for you remotely from estate agents details, a floor plan and photos. often it can also be seen on google earth street view. These are usually sufficient to enable us to identify whether the property will be beneficial for you  and to put your mind at rest that various practical Feng Shui considerations are sound or can be rectified after you move in.
Please read Choosing a Property Wisely in our Relocating page for more information.

Pre-Sale Consulting

There are key areas of a property that always influence prospective purchasers most in their decision making. If they are wrong you can lose out. Clever Feng Shui principles of placement and energy flow will help to optimise your potential more easily and more successfully.  As long as you are able to ‘walk Sylvia round’ by iPhone, tablet or Skype to view your place remotely, she may  be  able to advise you of what to do to help clinch your sale without the need of a visit. Alternatively she can advise you whether an on-site consultation would be more preferable to get the result you seek.  
For more information please read Selling your Home Successfully in our Homes page.