What Constitutes Clutter 

Firstly, there are the things that you hold on to ‘just in case’ but rarely or never use, ranging from clothing to cooking utensils, not to mention the junk that fills shelves, worktops, drawers, cupboards, the spare room, loft or garage. Or too much crammed into a small space, stacked on the floor, in corners or under furniture, all impeding healthy energy flow. Secondly, there are the things you do not even enjoy having around you, objects that trigger upsetting feelings or unhappy memories, items that hold a negative message such as papers connected with past failures or photos of former lovers. They are the most obvious types of clutter.

Clutter Clearing – Why Do It 

Clutter clearing is the essential therapeutic Feng Shui detox. You release stress, restore your personal vitality and regain clarity when you turn out items that have ceased to serve or inspire you. When you keep around you only things you love or need, you’ll be astonished how much your physical energy and enthusiasm increase, performance and morale will invariably improve in business environments.  Feeling lighter and positive you are ready to enjoy the fullest benefit of your surroundings. By creating space for what you want to come in, positive situations are more likely to happen. Life flows more easily because the atmosphere is no longer stagnated by obstacles and old baggage. With that in mind, it becomes easier to discard things that could be hindering you.

Self-Help Tips - A few tried and tested tips to get you started

  • Start small - start with one drawer rather than a large area. Once you make a start, you will feel the enthusiasm to tackle more.

  • Make a deadline - it helps you focus and drives you to do more in the time you have.

  • Ask yourself - ‘Does this have a value for my life in any way?’

  • Get a partner or friend to help you by asking questions like "Are you sure you really need this?" 

  • Even if someone just holds the bag you fill while you talk to yourself, it can be hugely motivational as well as much more fun.

Some Creative Storage Solutions

Make use of recessed space for extra shelving or cupboards; store irregular-shaped objects, collections of items and children’s toys  in lidded boxes or attractive baskets; use folders with labeled sections for diverse pieces of papers; keep oversized odd papers in portfolios.  Lever arch folders with stylish designs or co-ordinated colours are a great solution when they will be visible.  Storing each box, basket or folder with the content neatly labeled will enable you to locate things easily, otherwise they could tend to get lost. It also highlights what to clear out when no longer needed, making regular de-cluttering much easier.

How Clutter Affects You

Having clutter around you has a deep effect upon your well being. Not surprisingly, it can make you feel disorganised, overwhelmed, lethargic, despondent even physically congested. And instead of truly enjoying the present moment you may tend to reflect on the past.  People are often reluctant to throw things out, or give them away, because they have become attached to them. But it is only an illusion to feel  that possessions are a vital part of a person’s identity, security, self-worth, or happiness. Once you recognise that, it is easier to let go. You will probably feel stronger as well. Clutter management is essential, whether to improve workspace or living space around you, address life-changing circumstances or sell your property faster.

Seeking Professional Help

During a Feng Shui consultation, Sylvia often suggests clutter reduction strategies and innovative storage solutions so that your space works much better for you. Her functional, practical approach will inspire you to start de-cluttering. Cutter collects gradually as a natural part of everyday living. Exceptionally, excess clutter accumulates due to demanding physical health problems, emotional distress or other life challenges. In such instances, a medical practitioner may be the best person to help you receive support and regain health