Client Feedback

Confidentiality is paramount to Sylvia’s successful working relationship with her clients. The following is a small selection of the many acknowledgements that clients and students have kindly written after working with Sylvia, published here with their full permission. They are intended to give you a genuine insight into Sylvia’s consulting approach. Some of these clients are also happy to speak to prospective clients. The original letters are available.


I was seeking the services of an accredited Feng Shui practitioner when i visited Sylvia’s website.  Being a British trained architect residing in South Africa, i worked with Sylvia via skype and email on a total re-development of my own home and was amazed by Sylvia’s in depth knowledge on the subject matter. The long distance consultations with Sylvia yielded a design that has satisfied everyone in my family and we look forward to totally enhanced energy structure in our re-designed home. Thank you Sylvia.
Reesh Singh,   L&R Architects,
Durban, South Africa
We have engaged Sylvia’s expertise on several occasions, with a very positive effect on our home and our commercial projects. A number of long term positive changes evolved through her consulting, both personally and professionally. We saw a significant improvement in our financial situation and have resolved longstanding personal issues. Sylvia is a very relaxing person to be around.  She is realistic, insightful, reliable and an expert in her subject, all of which have brought us the results we wanted and far more.    Andrew and Nancy L. London

I consulted Sylvia for my new house construction project in Dubai. I requested a full architectural design review, environmental survey and energetic land cleansing. During her visit here, and prior to visiting, she helped me to develop the house plan, introducing many improvements to the original drawings largely based on Feng Shui. She is realistic, reliable and a real expert in her subject. She gave us her full support and brought us just the results we wanted. Her services also reduced the impact of certain negative circumstances regarding the project. My wellbeing and motivation also became stronger. It was an amazing experience for me. I intend to consult her again with the interior design plans.  Seddiqa S.  Dubai

Dear SylviaWe engaged your services because for six years we couldn't sell our prime location London flat, even though we had fully renovated it, and we desperately needed to move.  Many disturbing incidents had happened to us there. After you spent several hours consulting, the flat felt different, tranquil. Only one week later we had a buyer, then a second prospective buyer. We exchanged at full asking price the following week. It happened so fast that I couldn't take it all in.
My husband had major work difficulties during those six years and his current contract was ending. In our new home I placed water in the location you specified to activate his career prospects. He was offered a well-paid new position two weeks later without even having to apply for it and he loves it. Our relationship has become closer too. Thank you Sylvia, for bringing us opportunities, harmony and happiness, you have been extraordinary and really caring. What an astonishing year, I still have to pinch myself to believe it.  Annmarie A. Surrey

Dear Sylvia,  Just a short note to thank you for your advice regarding our Feng Shui garden project in the hospital grounds, where we want to create a harmonious and healing outdoor space for patients.   The structural work is almost complete and the water feature is being built following your recommendations. I would like to thank you for your time and kind gesture to help us. It is very much appreciated by all.  DR. Clinical Charge Nurse, Crisis Recovery Unit, NHS Hospital in Kent.

I have been meaning to write to say how much we appreciated your input in developing our home. Your sensitive expertise opened us up to new and exciting Feng Shui design ideas that have transformed our relationship with our living space and we feel much more ‘at home’ here.   Many thanks and kind regards.  Natalie London

Havingexcavated and renovated the basement of our house to create the main living space, it looked exactly how we had imagined it. So we were surprised that for some reason it just didn’t ‘feel’ right.  No matter what we did it felt cold. It wasn’t the calming sanctuary we had hoped for. Sylvia came along and with just a few changes and some time on her own rebalancing it, the whole place has completely changed. It is now the haven we wanted. So warm and cosy, it just feels right!  The time we spend there is so much happier and our lives are more productive. Thank you SylviaTrish    South London

I contacted Sylvia because of her all-round expertise and indeed it is this aspect of her consulting approach that is bringing many positive results.  Sylvia is very perceptive and her insights and recommendations have been quite fascinating.  The to-do list is still work in progress, but it doesn't seem at all daunting. I would happily recommend Sylvia's Feng Shui consultancy services."  Lee Green Client.

I engaged Sylvia to carry out a combined feng shui and environmental consultation. The results speak for themselves.  Two overgrown neighbouring trees were obstructing the energy flow to our front door, and consequently affecting our lives.  Soon after Sylvia’s visit, the difficult neighbour decided to move, then the nice new occupant trimmed the branches without me having to ask. I feel so much more ‘connected’ now. My husband had tried unsuccessfully for eight years to advance his career position He received his long-wanted directorship just ten days after I placed Sylvia’s recommendedtraditional Feng Shui career remedy.  And for the first time, my children feel settled and happy in the house. If you intend to engage a Feng Shui consultant, you can feel confident of Sylvia’s expert guidance. I cannot recommend her highly enough.  M. Fairs Hertfordshire

Having successfully worked with Sylvia ten years ago on a house plan and site location in France, I was more than keen to re-engage her for my latest building project. I was able to discuss with her at length over the phone different aspects of the floor plan that concerned me such as house orientation, auspicious directions, where to place the different rooms, key features, ease of living arrangements etc. Sylvia took great care to go into detail and answer all my queries. I felt that she was totally involved with my project, as well as being tuned into my personal needs in the most positive way.  With her advice on the different characteristics of the plan, I went along to my final meeting with the architect feeling reassured and confident. I knew I was committing myself to a home I would be happy to live in and that would have the right, comfortable, secure feel to it. I thoroughly recommend Sylvia’s services.  Angela C. SW France

I contacted Sylvia because I wanted to convert the one acre grass 'field' attached to my 400 year old cottage into a traditional Devon country garden. Sylvia initially carried out a thoroughsite visit and extensive consultation. From this she produced an excellent outline plan for the structure of the garden, as well as some really helpful suggestions for plants and planting schemes. In the year since her visit we have begun to bring the design to life and I am excited and truly satisfied by the results so far. I believe that they show Sylvia to be a skilful Feng Shui practitioner, as well as a kind and generous personality. Extending the principles of Feng Shui to our outdoor environment really has enhanced the quality of our home and enriched our lives.  Cheriton Fistpaine Devon

I am extremely happy with my consultation with Sylvia Bennett. The first life changing stage was by skype, using my I-Pad to visually walk through my Los Angeles home. The real magic happened when I booked her to visit my home. A full feng shui transformation took place under her careful and meticulous eyes. Since Sylvia Feng Shui'd my home I have reunited with my estranged family and less than 24 hours after she left I was offered the best jobs in my costume stylist career. The investment of her visit has paid off a million fold, not only for the quick results but because my house feels so lovely and looks stunning! If you are ready for positive change I highly recommend her.  Gamila SmithLos Angeles, USA