Environmental Consultations

As an additional service, an environmental consultation can be undertaken to determine whether your property is affected by an adverse environmental factor.  It can usually be carried out on the day of your Feng Shui consultation or as an independent visit.  Combining the benefits of Feng Shui with Subtle Space Attunement, earth energy refinement and an electronic emission check is likely to attain the finest, most supportive holistic living environment where you will flourish. Sylvia is professionally registered with The Complimentary Therapists' Association to conduct these additional services upon request; highly recommended for all properties, no matter how long you have occupied them, and the best start for a new home or business.

You can read fuller information about the following services in our Environmental section.

Residual Energies

It is advisable to erase the residual traces of unpleasant memory imprints or stagnated old energy left in a place by former occupants or unfortunate past events. Previous misfortunes, health issues or relationship problems may continue to affect newcomers if this is not taken care of, as the history of a place has a tendency to repeat itself. It is possible to successfully erase those traces by carrying out sensitive Subtle Space Attunement and Earth Acupuncture procedures.

Environmental Stress

Disfunction of the normal frequencies of the ground, often called geopathic stress, can feel uncomfortable or become unhealthy to people and many animals.  It relates to radiation from underground water flow, mineral deposits and subterranean activity as the earth undergoes geological changes.  It can also arise through human intervention, mainly digging foundations, service channels, roadways and tunnels, or can be caused by traces of unfortunate situations that remain energetically recorded in the ground beneath a building. Where this kind of problem exists we can help to resolve it using a combination of environmental treatments and Earth Acupuncture.

EMFs - Electronic Emissions

Electromagnetic fields emit from the increasing array of external sources such as power lines, mobile phone masts or substations and electronic installations indoors. This manmade environmental stress is a fact of modern life.  Some people are sensitive to it, others not. Either way it is prudent to limit unnecessary exposure. The emissions are measured using the professional EMF testing instruments produced by Powerwatch.  We then give you sensible suggestions and advice about how to deal with identified elevated levels.