The Subtle Environment

Have you ever experienced feeling an atmosphere in a room, either good or bad?  Buildings, furnishings, objects, personal belongings and people all have the capacity to absorb vibrations and retain them for a long time. You subconsciously sense and respond to them, even though you may not realise it, and the history of a place so often repeats itself.  That is why imprints of unpleasant events and residual energy traces of other people may also affect the present occupants.  Fortunately, by carrying out a meticulous Subtle Space Attunement of the subtle environment it is possible to discharge these undesirable residues. Because of her sensitivity to those intangible energies, Sylvia can easily identify areas that need most attention and just what is required in each space so that the desired result is accomplished. This subtle process has been performed by her for over two decades.

How Subtle Space Attunement Helps

Subtle Space Attunement transforms discordant residual vibrations into supportive, harmonious energy.  It leaves a clear, purified atmosphere that helps people feel more peaceful, comfortable and settled, whilst giving your living space a fresh start. If you are aware of any lingering negative resonances, it is the most effective way to eliminate their subtle influences that could be undermining your well being or prosperity. It is also a positive way of consecrating a home or business to welcome new occupants. After the process, expect your newly purified atmosphere to feel much lighter and it often appears brighter. You may even feel your breathing change and your emotions lift almost immediately.

What Happens During a Space Attunement Process

The space attunement process involves using sound and light, salt, herbs and aromatic essences to raise the frequencies of energetic vibrations and release negative patterns. Traditional earth acupuncture is also used to clear any congested earth meridians beneath the property. A respectful, considerate and gentle procedure is carried out in each room, continuing until the energetic atmosphere in every part of your property is purified.  You are always welcome to join Sylvia in the preparation part of the process, during which she will identify weaknesses and imbalances and establish requirements for the procedure to be most effective. Then she will ask your permission to continue the work alone to create an energetically clear, supportive environment in your living or working space.

When is the Best Time to do This

Many traditional cultures regularly carry out environmental space attunement. Recognition of its value in our society is growing. The best time to do this is whenever you feel it would be helpful.  Here are some usual examples:  as soon as possible when you move into a new property; when workmen finish refurbishments; if you are unable to sell a property; when difficult guests or lodgers depart; during or following any life change, illness or misfortune; whenever there are repeated quarrels, tension, relationship challenges or sleep problems; when unlucky situations tend to recur; if you are stuck and cant progress in a significant area of your life.  It can be helpful to have your property treated before making Feng Shui changes.