Fees are quoted individually as they are based on the work required for each consultation. The cost will depend on the size and use of your property, outside grounds, its location and the traveling involved, the number of occupants or personnel and your requirements for the consultation.  As a guide, residential consulting fees are from £550 for a small flat.  An initial pre-purchase overview is from £290. Corporate fees from £900. Large-scale projects from £1500. Environmental work from £390. Feng Shui colour planning from £290. Find a comprehensive list of our Services here.

What is included

Our fee is always fully inclusive of our preparation work, traveling, the site visit work, a written report when applicable, plus free phone or email support afterwards relating to the consultation, a progress review after three months and an annual update newsletter.  We estimate how long the visit is expected to last, but if more time is needed to complete the work no extra fee is charged.  If you decide to have more work carried out than you originally specified, any additional fee is agreed before it is commenced.  There are never any unexpected extra charges.