Feng Shui for Gardens

Garden Feng Shui is a delightful way to create natural living harmony, refined balance and nurturing beauty.  It works even if you only have a small terrace.  A blend of aesthetics, design, cultural philosophy and ecological conservation, its influences are calming to the senses and wonderfully inspiring.   Unconstrained by the structural limitations that buildings impose, applying Feng Shui principles to your outside space is liberating and satisfying.   Auspicious garden energy feeds and uplifts your indoor environment, conversely the atmosphere is depleted by unsupportive surroundings. Gardens flourish and our own lives blossom through Feng Shui transformation.

Garden Feng Shui Consultations

When you wish to design or re-plan your outside space, you can be confident that you will receive experienced garden Feng Shui guidance from us, plus useful sourcing contacts.    It will help you to create and enjoy pleasing planting effects, harmonious textures, shapes and colours, delightful pathways, balanced intimate areas, organic features, magical illumination and auspicious water placement: located in accordance with classical Feng Shui rules,  water can aid prosperity.   Sylvia combines her botanical knowledge and a lifelong love of gardening with her Feng Shui expertise. She has a portfolio of successfully undertaken Feng Shui landscaping designs, is an affiliate member of the Landscape Institute and has taught Garden Feng Shui courses for the renowned Capel Manor Horticultural College.

Landscape Feng Shui for Public Spaces  

Landscape Feng Shui can be applied perfectly to enhance public and commercial outside spaces. The principles are basically similar to Feng Shui for residential gardens, practically extended and adapted to address the needs of your individual project.  Beautiful waterways, feature architectural additions and elegant relaxation space may be incorporated advantageously into a more spacious setting.  Our Feng Shui services have been engaged in urban redevelopment landscaping projects, for hotels and office building grounds, in reception entrance areas and forecourts, a community centre and hospital rest garden.

Feng Shui and The Power of Plants

Plants bring shape and colour, balance, harmony and perspective into our natural surroundings. And we would not survive without them. The plant life of our planet supports our most fundamental needs by providing oxygen, food,  medicine and shelter. It has been scientifically proved that people feel better, respond more positively are more productive and healthier when they are able to see and associate with plants. Having lots of vibrant healthy plants outside and indoors is an essential for creating and maintaining good Feng Shui. 

View Sylvia's presentation  "The Power of Plants"