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Chinese Lunar  Calendar

China  officially adopted the Gregorian or Solar calendar since the creation of the Peoples Republic of China by President Mao Zedong on October 1st 1949. Nevertheless Chinese people still keep to the Chinese Lunar Calendar for their traditional feasts. That explains why, even though the Chinese New Year begins on the 4th February (occasionally 5th February),  the date of their New Year Festival varies each year, because it always takes place on the first day of the first month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

The Time Dimension

Ancient Chinese scholars observed that the Sun, Moon and five planets aligned every 60 years.  Within that time cycle, significant energy shifts were found to occur during 20 year periods, the time dimension.  Just as the Moon's cycles control the movement of the tides and Solar activity affects the nature of winds, these time shifts have a predictable influence on the feng shui of a place and accordingly upon the relationship between a building and all of its occupants. Time influences are accurately calculated using specific formulas.  A brand new time period began on 4 February 2004. Feng shui studies these intangible forces of the universe, because they help us to identify why certain problems may be occurring for inhabitants at any time.  Smaller, yet very influencial, shifts occur annually.  That is why the  energy map of every property needs to be reviewed each year, to optimise incoming new opportunities and protect its occupants from current adversity on an annual basis as the time cycle progresses.   From this information, a feng shui expert can see how people will relate at a given time with the environment in which they live or work and with each other. This knowledge allows adjustments to be made that can help to bring greater harmony, abundance and enrichment into everyone's lives. 

Your Natal Chart

Everyone is influenced to some extent throughout our life by the energy pattern which prevailed at the moment of our birth and the ever-changing cosmic cycles mentioned above.  Your life group Gua number and compatible directions are determined at your your date of birth.  Compass School formulas, your natal chart which differ for males and females, are used for making these calculations.     Your personal natal chart identifies the directions which are auspicious for you, showing you how to benefit from them.  The chart also reveals your horoscope birth year animal as well as your personal auspicious elements and colours. Natal charts are included with every consultation report and can also be prepared separately if wished. Both your life Gua number and your birth animal can also be analysed to give an indication of partnership compatibility.

Nine Star Ki - I Ching Astrology

The basis of this amazing oriental astrology system called Nine Ki lies in the I Ching.  In early Chinese days it was known as Ching Kung Ming Li.  It is a numerical system for identifying the elemental influences present at our time of birth and how they shape our personality, drive and various other key life tendencies.  In recent years it has become hugely popular in Western countries and Japan due to its realistic, straight forward and seemingly accurate guidance.  It is a really helpful tool for gaining insight into the dynamics between different people at any given time. It reveals who we are, as well as how we appear to other people and what drives us, both superficially and at a deeper level. It can also be used to determine our suitability for different tasks, find out where we are along our cyclical life path and forecast our progression and calculate suitable directions for travel and moves. A Nine Star Ki analysis is very helpful for individuals as well as for business organisations who wish to understand their employees better, develop compatible interaction, and maximise productivity by placing appropriate people in relevant positions.  Readings are available by email or face to face at a very reasonable fee.

Four Pillars of Destiny - BaZi

The Four Pillars of Destiny , also called BaZi,  is a complex Chinese system of personal analysis based upon the horoscope animals and elements present in your birth chart. It is a metaphysical system that can help us to recognise our elemental tendencies, strengths, weaknesses and health patterns. it may also be used to predict factors in our destiny or life events, giving us an idea of our potential talents and career tendencies and for forecasting highs and lows in our past, present and future cycles of fortune.  On a practical level, where an excess or lack of certain elements is evident in a person's chart, their surroundings can be balanced with compensating elements to support the person's welfare.

Auspicious Date Selection

Timing is everything. Using auspicious dates is equally beneficial for important projects and great achievements as for small changes in your life. The lucky days in a Chinese year correspond to the days when the orbit of the revolution of the Earth around the Sun projects on the Celestial Globe. There are a number of date selection techniques, most start by eliminating inauspicious dates. Then auspicious dates are calculated from the remaining dates using a variety of complex methods.  The elemental compatibility between an individual and the day itself is a further important consideration when choosing an auspicious day for a particular activity.  Auspicious Date Selection analysis is available upon request by email and costs from only £25.    Auspicious days are helpful to bring to you success and happiness, particularly for significant activities such as engagements or marriage, starting a new job, putting a property on the market, moving home, building work, renovations or any significant project.  For businessmen, there are auspicious days to sign contracts, commence a new work project, undertake construction, move offices or engage key personnel and others.
Sylvia Bennett looks at all these changing patterns when assessing every property.  She uses the relevant astrological systems mentioned above as well as advanced Flying Stars ( san yuan) and chi distribution formulas, to make sure that you get the very best results from your consultation.

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