Courses with Feng Shui Living & ECOFS

It is a great honour for Sylvia to assist the world-renowned leading classical Feng Shui expert, Howard Choy, teaching the courses listed below. One of them will surely be right for you.

Howard Choy B.Arch. FSSA is principal of the European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS).   Bi-lingual Chinese, he is a practicing architect and consultant with a genuine down-to-earth approach to teaching traditional Chinese philosophy, classical theories and contemporary applications of Feng Shui.  Sylvia Bennett FSSA holds a further education teaching certificate. You will gain unparalleled skills and insights when you study with ECOFS.

ECOFS accredited Professional Feng Shui Training Course is taught in London.  It provides 210 hours of classroom training with 7 modules of 4-5 days spread over 2 years. Its extensive and unsurpassed content includes many topics not normally taught in other practitioner level training.   A new course begins in November 2018,  you can enrol now to reserve your place.  

ECOFS approved Introduction Course is taught over two days in London, the next course will be held on 24-25 April 2018.  A mix of theoretical study and practical applications enabling you to think deeper about your living environment and its impact on you. You will learn what Feng Shui really is about, why it can be so powerful and how to make some changes in your home and your life. By the end of this course you will have gained the essential foundation knowledge to join our ECOFS specialist courses and practitioner level training. A comprehensive eighty page student manual is included. 

ECOFS Feng Shui Intensive Course in Cyprus 3 - 10 October 2018.   Spend a week studying and relaxing full board at the lovely Paradisos Hills eco-retreat Hotel in picturesque Lysos village. Subjects include Gaining Advantage of Period Nine energy changes, Feng Shui Garden Design & Aesthetics, Self-Activated Talisman Writing and Metaphysics and daily QiGong for Health sessions.  There are five days formal classes, an informal day and study trips where you will also get to enjoy the local Akamus Peninsular area in the most beautiful, unspoilt natural region of sunny Cyprus.   See

Please contact us to request more information, register interest and enrol on a course. Sylvia Bennett (Courses coordinator) +44 (0)7779 139187 | +44 (0)20 7419 7828 or Contact

Sylvia says:  "There is no other teacher anywhere better qualified than Howard Choy to impart the vast and intriguing subject of Feng Shui. In addition to his teaching expertise, he is humorous and kindhearted, ensuring that your learning experience is successful, enjoyable and memorable.    Our joint aim is to deliver the very best quality Feng Shui training available anywhere in the world".   Meet Howard Choy Video.