Property Development

When you undertake a new development, refurbishment or retrofit project, there are huge advantages to be gained by bringing an experienced Feng Shui specialist into your team of advisors, in terms of optimisation of successful results. It helps to enhance the design, identify and correct weaknesses, maximise strengths, bring focus and, if wished, select the best timing to begin carrying out certain activities. It is preferable to involve Feng Shui from the early stages of your planning, when the input is usually most productive. But even when that is not possible, please have a conversation with us to assess its feasibility at any stage of the development.

Personal and Commercial Advantages

For your personal property development, incorporating Feng Shui principles and design features is a rewarding means to create a harmonious, stylish place to live or work in.  Feng Shui, with its functional, elemental and aesthetic influences, offers unsurpassed solutions to help you achieve the most positive outcome for your project.  In any new commercial development or refurbishment, it is a viable resource to help you gain an edge on your competitors and to attract the best buyers or tenants, ones who may even pay higher prices for your property. Acquiring a property that has used Feng Shui or Vastu input in its construction is increasingly sought after by Asian purchasers.

Our Project Skills

Having been hands-on involved in property development for many years has given Sylvia extensive knowledge and practical understanding of what is achievable when making Feng Shui recommendations for a project.  This is an important consideration because it assures you that our approach will fully service your requirements.  Previous involvement in commercial and residential developments for clients include new builds, stately homes, listed buildings, family residences, health provider headquarters, hotels.