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Feng Shui Living is proud of its reputation for providing clients with dedicated, effective professional services and gives free personal follow up-support after every consultation. We consult internationally forall kinds of homes and gardens, urban landscapes, small businesses, offices, corporate organisations and public buildings. Consultations usually start with an initial telephone conversation to discuss your requirements and what you would like to achieve from the consultation, considering the various services that we are able to offer you, agreeing the fee and arranging a date to visit your residential or commercial property.
Having a consultation can prove to be extremely helpful whenever you are dealing with life changes or health challenges; relocating; decorating, planning an extension, refurbishing or making improvements your property; seeking relationship enhancement; aiming for career progress or exam success; overcoming adversity; wanting to clear clutter and subtle energy congestion; or if you simply wish to enhance your living and working surroundings. Feng shui has demonstrated creditable results for our clients, some of whom have been kind enough to allow us to publish their feedback in our Clients Feedback page.

What Happens at a Consultation

Beforehand, Sylvia requests a simple floor plan plus some basic information about your property and its former occupants, the dates of birth of everyone living in your home, or key personnel in the case of a business. This information enables her to carry out relevant calculations prior to visiting you. On arrival we would usually spend time talking through your reasons for having the consultation. This is to establish that your priorities and concerns are well understood, so that the consultation and its outcome will fully satisfy your expectations. An accurate compass reading to determine the orientation of the property is then taken with a complex Chinese compass called a Luopan, from which certain calculations and recommendations are worked out. Then the eight compass sectors are drawn on your floor plan to identify the directionology of your place. Flying Stars time factor is also analysed to determine favourable and weak or problematical areas and how to optimise them.
The next step is to look at the exterior surroundings and your main entrance, analyse how the surrounding landscape is  affecting you and implement remedies where necessary. We then go round every room together looking at the location, layout, position of key items, colours, lighting and other significant factors. A thorough feng shui assessment is made of the internal and exterior features of your own property and its close surroundings, natural elements, wealth location, time factor, personal interactions, Feng shui design advice regarding choice of décor can easily be included too if required. Finally enhancements are recommended to balance and harmonise chi energetic patterns, neutralise negative aspects of the premises, strengthen weak sectors, optimise good areas and positively activate aspects of your life in which you wish to gain advancement or you are currently experiencing limitations.
The aim of the recommendations, made in accordance with well-established authentic and tested feng shui principles, is to enhance the function of your property and your harmonious connection with it, encourage positive opportunities to enrich the quality of your life and to resolve unbeneficial situations. Most adjustments have a powerful impact and usually are quite easily achievable, often involving only the specific placement of water or plants, introducing certain other natural elements, removing items or rearranging furniture layout. With your environment supporting you rather than holding you back, improvements occur over several weeks or months for most clients, though dynamic changes do sometimes happen within days of making the first adjustments.

Home Consultations

The length of a consultation depends on the size of your property and your requirements. Three hours is the average minimum time spent at a small flat or house. 
Follow up contact and support is freely available to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. No place is too small or complicated to achieve worthwhile results. Every consultation is treated with strict confidentiality, so you can feel safe to express your deepest concerns to Sylvia.

Corporate Consultancy

Established feng shui principles are combined with our own commercial background expertise, plus valuable experience gained from working extensively with a wide variety of clients, ranging from small businesses to large corporations. Our clients include Art galleries, Publishers, Showrooms, Hotels, Restaurants, Banking Headquarters, International Trading and IT companies, City dealing rooms, Offices, Factories, Executive suites, Recruitment agencies, the NHS, Dental & Healthcare practitioners.
As corporate requirements differ widely, from the design stage, planning structures and internal layouts to seeking successful solutions for staff problems, productivity and profit enhancement, Sylvia likes to have an initial discussion about each key aspect of the consultation to maximise the effectiveness of our corporate service.  Accordingly, fee structures are tailored by agreement to suit the brief of each client, either as an inclusive fee or calculated on an hourly basis for ongoing work. For long-term maintenance services a retainer may be arranged. A written report or ongoing reports, including layout plans and suggested adaptations where appropriate, are always provided, together with our usual generous follow-up contact and confidentiality. You will find full information in our Business Consulting page.

Overseas Consultations

We receive requests to carry out feng shui surveys for properties worldwide and Sylvia works very closely with clients in many countries outside the UK. Whatever your circumstances, we are always glad to arrange a visit and carry out a feng shui survey based on your individual needs. Follow-up requirements can normally be handled very effectively through emails, electronic files and skype conversations. It naturally becomes more economical for residential clients when a small group of people wish to have consultations at the same visit. Consulting for an overseas corporate client generally requires more than one day’s stay to complete the work.

Remote Consultations

Should it be impractical to visit your location due to travelling distance, in some instances we can provide a satisfactory internet-based remote consultation service. We request an accurate compass reading and floorplan, information about the property itself, some specific details about the exterior surroundings, dates of birth and your main reasons for wanting the consultation. Google Earth images, a video or photographs of your place and skype or email contact will enable Sylvia to conduct a virtual survey effectively. You will be provided with a detailed report plus charts and as always our helpful follow-up service is available afterwards.

Planning, Design, Development and Architectural Services

If you are redecorating, re-planning a kitchen or other rooms, making alterations or additions to your property, or employing your own architects and designers, Sylvia will be happy to assist at any stage in accordance with feng shui concepts. Sylvia is an affiliate member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Landscape Institute.

Environmental Consulting Services

As an additional service, checks can also be undertaken to determine whether your property is affected by other adverse environmental factors. These can usually be carried out on the day of your feng shui consultation or as an independent visit. You will find more detailed information in our Environmental Surveys, Space Cleansing and Clutter Management pages.
Electromagnetic fields from all kinds of electronic installations are measured using professional EMF testing instruments. We can then give you sensible advice on dealing with identified elevated levels. Geopathic stress is a disturbance of the normal atmospheric energy frequencies that can feel uncomfortable. It is thought to be potentially unhealthy to people and many animals. It relates to radiation from the earth caused by underground water, mineral deposits and other natural or man-made abnormalities, including residual energetic traces of past experiences retained in the building structure or attached to possessions that can become quite disturbing and may inhibit beneficial progress in aspects of your life. A combined earth acupuncture and space cleansing treatment is a reliable way to rectify the situation. 
By combining the benefits of feng shui with those of an environmental survey, electronic health refinements, earth energy amelioration and subtle space cleansing, you are most likely to achieve the finest holistic living environment in which you flourish harmoniously and develop more successfully. If you feel that your property may be affected by any type of unbeneficial energetic influence, Sylvia is professionally registered to conduct these additional services upon request; highly recommended for all properties, no matter how long you have occupied them. We definitely recommend that all new home or business occupiers consider having an environmental survey and energetic cleansing carried out.


Fees differ because each consultation is uniquely tailored to a client’s individual circumstances, accordingly. The cost is based on the size of your property your requirements and priorities, plus any other complex aspects. As a guide, prices start at £390 for a small home, £590 for businesses, £150 for a property purchase overview and £250 for a pre-sale review. Space clearing and environmental services fees are from £350. In certain instances it is more appropriate to quote an hourly rate of £120.  Our quoted fees are always fully inclusive of our prior preparation, travel expenses, the site survey with comprehensive recommendations focused on your requested requirements and a detailed written report provided after your feng shui consultation, unless otherwise arranged. We also offer free generous post-consultation support. The agreed terms and cost are always confirmed in writing before the visit.
Consulting by Sylvia Bennett Feng Shui Consultant London UK Europe. Contact.  020 7419 7828



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