ECOFS accredited Feng Shui Introduction course

The next two days Introduction course will be held on 31 October - 1 November 2019

Course Content includes:

Definitions of Feng Shui - classical, architectural and modern viewpoints
A different way of thinking between the East and the West
The popularity, mystery and complexity of feng shui, its deep and shallow structure
The relationship between Man and Nature in Feng Shui
San Cai concept of Heaven, Human and Earth methodology for Feng Shui analysis and planning The two Feng Shui schools -
Xingshi Pai (Form and Configuration) School
Liqi Pai (Qi Patterns) School
The Siling (Four Mythical Animals) Model
Qi and Ju Qi (Assembled Qi)
Yin-Yang Theory
The Luopan Compass
Five Phases ( Wuxing ) Elemental Theory
The Bagua - 8 Trigrams and their Correlations
The Luoshu Square and the Later Heaven Bagua
The Hetu and the Early Heaven Bagua
24 Mountains to Divide up Space.
3 Cycles and 9 Periods to Counting Time
9 Stars, 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches.
San He - 4 kinds of Triple Combinations
Feng Shui Adjustments for Different Rooms in a Residence
Feng Shui Design Aesthetics
Remedies and Transformations (Huajie)
Case Studies
Feng Shui Ethics
Reading list

The Aim of this Introduction Feng Shui Course

This two days intensive Feng Shui Society Approved Foundation Course is designed as an introduction for participants with little or no prior knowledge of Feng Shui. It is suitable whether you are an enthusiast or considering to undertake professional level training, and for everyone involved in the built environment, architects, designers and health practitioners.

The aim of this course is to give students a sound understanding of the core principles, traditional theories and contemporary practice of Feng Shui. It will give you a sound introduction to the vast subject of Feng Shui and encourage you to think deeper about your living environment and how it can affect your own outcomes. You will learn what Feng Shui really is about and why it can be so powerful. By the end of this foundation study course you will be able to introduce basic changes into your home and your life.

By the end of this introduction course, students will be able to –
1. Appreciate the effects that environmental, physical and intangible factors can have upon people in their living and working surroundings.
2. Describe chi flow, yin /yang balance and the five elements
3. Understand basic landform features and the time and space associations in Feng Shui
4. Begin to use elementary Feng Shui principles confidently in their own home.
5. Make adjustments in their personal living space to improve harmony and well being

Teaching methods are a mix of theories, practical applications and on-site study. Classes are limited to around twelve students to provide you with the best attention and support. An attendance award will be given to students upon successful completion of the course. Students wishing to pursue the subject further will have gained the required foundation skills as a pre-requisite for practitioner level training with ECOFS. You will gain exceptional skills and insights when you study with ECOFS because it provides the most comprehensive Feng Shui training which is unsurpassed in Europe at this time, including some effective classical systems not being taught elsewhere.

Student Support

A mix of theoretical and practical presentation methods will be used in teaching, intended to provide equal learning opportunities for all students in accordance with their individual ability, needs and learning styles. Time is allocated at intervals during the course to recap on any learning gaps and students are encouraged to ask if they have not grasped anything. Learning will be further supported by the provision of a course manual plus any relevant class handouts.

About Howard Choy

Howard Choy B.Arch.FSSA was born and trained in China,. He is a world-renowned bi-lingual classical Feng Shui expert Sifu, outstandingly qualified to teach the deep subject of Feng
Shui. Howard Choy is principal of the European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS), a practicing architect, consultant and tutor at the leading edge of the Feng Shui profession for almost forty years. He has a down-to-earth, warmly communicative approach to teaching a contemporary application of the traditional Feng Shui and its fascinating Chinese cultural philosophy.