Feng Shui Today

The value of Feng Shui is well recognised today due to the many benefits it brings to people's lives, as well as having a positive impact on building and design trends.  The lasting success of classical Feng Shui in our modern lifestyle lies in its solutions to safeguard from undesirable influences and its strategies to gain positive advantages, rather than being about placing a money plant in the ‘wealth’ corner or mystical cures.  Well balanced, uncluttered surroundings with ecological, sustainable natural materials being used in preference to synthetic products, create a peaceful healthy atmosphere and harmonious living.

Sylvia's contemporary Feng Shui recommendations are based on that sound traditional knowledge of environmental transformation. The original guidelines are applied intelligently to embrace today's modern living conditions, lifestyle and aspirations and they still work very well.  Locations of various rooms and activities in a property, correct water placement, prevailing natural light and cyclical seasonal influences will shape your mood, health, relationships and the success of your desired prosperity.  You are more likely to enjoy positive outcomes when you relate comfortably to your living space and feel happy in it.

Feng Shui Psychology 

Your living surroundings convey symbolic messages that tell the story of your life.  How your space is arranged, the things you ignore and objects you choose to keep, all reveal subconscious metaphors about you and what is holding you back. A valuable benefit of having a Feng Shui consultation by an experienced specialist is that any undermining signs will be recognised and resolved. Then your life can flow much easier.   The concept of "environmental psychology" has now established that factors in our natural and built environment have a measurable impact on people’s feelings and responses. Feng Shui has recognised that for several thousand years.

These are three very different clients' situations that were successfully resolved by Sylvia:
The quarrelling couple who had a picture of fighting tigers in the relationship area of their home.
A struggling business that had no visible corporate identity an lacked loyal staff support.
A house concealed by overgrown vegetation where occupants felt disconnected and suffered poor health.