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The Grass is Greener


The Grass is Greener. Seeing the colour green communicates a sense of contact with the natural landscape. The vibrational stimulus of green neurologically soothes and replenishes, restores balance and inspires creativity. In Feng Shui, green is represented by the Wood element.

Growing numbers of green roofs and living walls are appearing in cities, transforming the impact of the built-up urban landscape by improving air quality, humidity and temperature regulation, encouraging biodiversity and wildlife.  Actually far more than that.

For the lucky people who live or work in buildings which overlook them, seeing even just a small area of green has recognised therapeutic benefits. Scientific studies show that people are happier, healthier and function more productively when they feel engaged with nature.

I never expected I would find myself writing about the merits of artificial grass!   But it really is hard to tell the difference between the new generation of synthetic turf and the real thing. Apart from its advantages of all-year use with near-zero maintenance.

Simulating nature, virtual grass transforms shady, damp or problem spots, small areas, children's play zones, patios, terraces and ugly visible flat roofs. It is the ideal aesthetic solution for outdoor spaces where having real grass is impractical. You can get it laid by bespoke specialists like Easygrass ( see before-and-after images on their website), or buy it from DIY centres.  

The photo here shows my own urban first-floor balcony. Like me, it has been converted - its former tired decking is now a delightful grassy oasis.

Sylvia Bennett
International Feng Shui Consultant London