Insights into 2019 - the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig


The Pig is also called the Boar, which in China had preceded its domesticated descendant by several thousand years. The Pig is the twelfth and last animal sign in the Chinese zodiac.
Chinese legend tells the story that long ago the Jade Emperor invited all the animals of the kingdom to participate in a contest to celebrate his birthday. The first twelve animals to reach his gates and congratulate him would each be given a place in the new zodiac calendar. The fastest animal would take the first place and so on. The Pig, though capable of moving at speed, felt hungry during the race so it stopped to eat something then fell asleep. When it awoke it continued to the finish and just managed to gain the very last place.

This Year’s Elemental Nature

2019 is the year of the Earth Pig. Elementally Earth is represented by the colour brown, which is why 2019 is also known as the year of the Brown Earth Pig. The Pig’s own element is Water. Water is the essential resource for life to flourish, whilst Earth will restrain it from flowing away.

In Chinese cultural thinking, pigs attract success in all the spheres of life and they are a symbol of wealth, their chubby faces and big ears are signs of good fortune. So Chinese people are optimistic that 2019 is going to be an auspicious year and more prosperous than the previous few years.

The zodiac Pigs are diligent and positive, sociable, friendly, generous and relatively calm. They handle problems well and they will devote all their energy to achieving their goals. Apparently however, being trusting creatures they can be quite easily fooled. So watch out for that this year.

Feng Shui Influences and Tips for 2019

This year’s annual flying stars have a rather special Qi pattern because it matches the Qi pattern of the current period 8 flying stars. It means that the period star and the annual star are identical in each of the eight compass zones and that brings an auspicious timely double eight 88 into the central palace, the heart of the home. When the central area of your home connects easily with an outside door It is most advantageous this year, so the more often you use the door the more your entire household may benefit.

Some things you can do:
If your front door, living space or bedroom lie in the Southeast, then just adding a touch of blue, a water feature or a clear glass vase of flowers will maintain favourable harmony there.
Keep the the central area clear and welcoming, introduce illumination, crystals, or a stone deity.
Keep the entrance hall area light and uncluttered, add welcoming artwork, a flowering plant.
Keep the front door and other outside doors in good condition, clean and attractive.
At the doorstep, healthy flowering plants will generate their vibrant life force indoors.
Get a new door mat, it symbolises new things happening.

Make more space by decluttering to draw positive new energy into your life this year.
Begin by paying attention to all those areas mentioned above. An effective tip: whenever you add something to your personal possessions or general household items, let go of at least two others.
Be thoughtful of the planet Earth too this year by recycling and reducing your use of plastics.
You may also like to honour the Earth element by planting something you will love to have in your garden, or buy a beautiful potted plant to enjoy indoors, and water it regularly.