Insights into 2018 - the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog

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The Elemental Nature of the Earth Dog Year 2018

After two predictably chaotic years, the naughty Monkey and the fighting Rooster are succeeded by a more docile Dog. Even so, that Rooster’s influence may linger for a few weeks. The qualities associated with the Dog are luck, loyalty, bravery, caution, a social nature though stubborn. The Dog year influence could help you complete tasks and achieve your goals, even if some obstacles make it harder to get things done.

The Dog’s element is Earth, the same as its accompanying Earth stem. Its season is Autumn, indicating its strength is in decline.  According to Chinese metaphysical insights, the double Earth nature of this Dog year will accelerate the initiation of new things and shows potential to be a good year all round. Yet it could also be tiring. Procrastination or negligence are to be avoided this year and it would be better to take a modest sound opportunity than to compete for more.

In Chinese medicine, the Earth element is associated with the pancreas and stomach, muscles and cells. When the Earth element is out of balance, weaknesses tend to show up in those areas of your body. During this Dog year, health could become a concern if neglected. Eating salads and root vegetables, walking and fresh air bring positive Earth-related benefits to support your health. 

This year is also influenced by the element Fire belonging to the Li trigram with its Luo Shu number 9suggesting a potential for prosperity, new business opportunities and social prominence. It is the year to have parties, to celebrate and to enjoy life.

Feng Shui Tips for 2018

Career - If you want to give your career a boost this year, look at the Southeast, centre and Northwest areas of your home.  Decluttering those areas will be a great help.  The clearer they connect with each other unobstructed, the better it will be for you. You could also place any kind of water symbol in the Southeast if practical to do so. 

Relationships - If romance is your priority in 2018,  make a plan to socialise more often, do new things and take up a new activity where you will meet a new circle of like-minded friends. One thing leads to another ..!   Feng Shui Tip: place a vase of fresh red, pink and purple flowers in the South area of your living room or home to reinforce your desire for love. Change the water regularly because it needs to have clean water. 

Health and Wellbeing  - Doing five to ten minutes gentle exercise daily at home, such as stretching, yoga, rebounding and jogging on the spot, will have an accumulative health promoting effect. Movement boosts your immune defence and brings nourishment to your body, helping to improve any weaknesses.  If your entrance hall, bedroom or living room happens to be in the North area of your home, placing a salt water remedy there this year is a popular Feng Shui strategy to absorb certain influences that might undermine your wellbeing.

Children - To support your children’s academic progress this year, place 4 green or jade gemstones, 4 bamboo stems, or 4 Chinese calligraphy brushes with a pot of water beside them, in the South area of their bedroom. If they have a desk, you could place the enhancements on it.