Year of the Rooster 2017

Insights into 2017 - the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster
This Year’s Elemental Nature  

So what are the prevalent influences of this Fire Rooster year according to Chinese metaphysical observations and insights? The Rooster’s characteristic tendency is active, resourceful, outspoken, strong willed;  the Rooster seeks to impose its boastful charm and authority.   A Fire Rooster year, with yin fire on top and yin metal below, generally symbolises optimism, innovation and progress. But there is conflict and disharmony in the elemental fire-metal inter-relationship, indicating that it may not be a stable year and it could drain your energy. The likelihood is we could have fresh challenges requiring grounded firm decisions to stay ahead. The key to success this year is caution, hard work, determined effort and practical solutions.   Steer well clear of any risky speculation.

Feng Shui Tips for 2017 
The four areas of North, Northeast, East and Southeast will enjoy a positive potential during 2017.  If you have your main entrance door, kitchen, office, lounge or bedroom located in the South, Northwest, West or Southwest I will be able to help you modify the less helpful potential of these locations. In the South a salt water remedy is advisable to absorb the year’s most pernicious influence, being strongest in September. Take care in March and December too, especially if you have any health issues.The Rooster year may bring some challenges before we approach the more grounded year of the Earth Dog. To get the best out of 2017 it is well worth investing in a feng shui review this Spring.  Please contact me for a concession consultation.

Pantone’s Colour Choice for 2017
Pantone are promoting ‘Greenery’ as their 2017 ‘Colour of the Year’. And how appropriate it is. They say Greenery is an uplifting fresh yellow-green tone that evokes early Spring, the season of revitalised natural new growth. When green, nature’s equilibrium, is brought into design and lifestyle choices, it helps to offset the stressful impact of modern urban life. So introduce accents of green into your home decor, with its recognised calming vibration and wood element, to evoke a healing sense of connection with nature.

During 2017 I am offering free talks and low-budget short workshops to support groups involved with environmental and personal welfare. Please introduce me to any connections you have. I will also try to post more regular blogs on feng shui aesthetics and the environment; the next one ‘the Grass is Greener’ will be with you in March.

For several years I have supported Shelterbox. Contributions go directly to their very worthwhile cause. They provide emergency tented accommodation and basic equipment directly to people in crisis areas of the world.Your support would help there too. Read more on

My warm wishes to you and your family for a successful and healthy Year of the Rooster.