Insights into 2016 - the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey


This Year’s Elemental Nature

Metal and Fire are the elements of this Monkey year starting on 4th February and they express the nature of the year to come. The Monkey is yang metal element; smart, nimble, charming, cunning, competitive, inventive, inquisitive and resourceful by nature. Fire element relates to brightness, heat, extrovert behaviour, action, performance and achievement. Fire is the most yang of the five elements.

This year Fire combines with the Monkey, as it does cyclically every sixty years.  The combination conveys the picture of a fast-moving year charged with a determined force that can serve to advance our ambitions and goals, yet it could easily get out of hand if it is not well controlled by level headed thinking.  

The Chinese zodiac monkey lives in the Southwest and this location is attributed to the mother as its family member. She may exert her influence in 2016 to curb his unruly tendencies, if so a manageable year with some tranquility could be possible.

Taking time out to chill and recharge this year is advisable for maintaining a clear head and your health too. Take replenishing walks in fresh air, drink plenty of water and pay particular care to your lungs (metal) heart and cardiovascular system (fire).

Rose quartz, the mineral that relates to the Southwest, is a calming, healing crystalassociated with harmonious, loving relationships and the heart. Aptly, Pantone’s international Fashion Colour of the Year is named Rose Quartz.

New Year Firecrackers and the Legend of Nian

Chinese New Year is celebrated this year on the 8th of February and it is steeped with wonderful stories, including the legend of the mythical beast called Nian.

 A wise old man realised Nian was afraid of loud noises and the colour red. So at midnight on New Year’s Eve people would set off fire crackers to scare away the monster Nian. They hung up red lanterns and put red scrolls on their windows and doors to prevent the beast from attacking people and causing destruction. It is still a popular Chinese tradition at New Year throughout the world and letting off noisy fireworks during the celebrations also encourages good luck to come in.

Things to do in 2016

If you have any doors or windows in the Southwest or East, open them as often as possible because the most prosperous qi comes into those locations this year. Place a salt water remedy anywhere convenient in the Northeast, where the most aggressive annual qi visits this year, to neutralise its harmfulness.

Monkey Rescue

Many thanks to the Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary proprietors Graham and Janfor allowing me to use images of their rescued primates. I want to take this opportunity to sponsor their dedicated efforts, if you would like to support them, for sure any assistance you feel inclined to offer them will be truly valued. The Monkey sanctuary is located in the beautiful South Wales countryside, a lovely place to visit.


The Feng Shui Society’s annual Conference with eight accomplished international speakers will be held on 14 May in central London. As usual I shall be introducing the day. If you are tempted to attend, it will be really great to see you there.

Warm Chinese New Year wishes for good health and a prosperous year to you and your family.