Chinese Year of the Goat 2015

The Chinese Year of the Wood Goat starts on February 4th 2015. It brings with it the brand new energy of yin Earth, which the Goat represents, managed by yin Wood.  Compared to last year’s dynamic yang forces, this year’s feeling is elementally softer and more compromising.

The resilient, yet delicate nature of yin Wood is depicted as resembling blades of grass, a young flower, twigs and bamboo fluttering in the breeze; thriving because it adapts well to changing circumstances. The Goat’s character is gentle and compassionate, seeking to please and to maintain harmony. The month of July is represented by the Goat, so fire from dry summer warmth gives it hidden vitality and strength.

All in all, this new Wood Goat year optimistically symbolises that progress can be achieved most successfully through a considerate and flexible attitude. Just be selective about who you trust and make sure your kindness is well deserved.  

In traditional Chinese medicine, the Wood element represents the liver, gallbladder, eyes and tendons. Earth element relates to stomach, spleen, pancreas and muscles. Those parts of the body might become more susceptible this year. To support your health, make sure you take in an adequate supply of magnesium and calcium, cut down sugar intake, do gentle stretching exercises or yoga and take regular walks, and remember to drink plenty of fresh water.  

Finally, you will surely be happy to know that the Goat appreciates a nurturing environment, has good taste and loves art, fashion and beauty. Seems like this is the ideal year to redecorate, make home improvements and update your wardrobe. For the style conscious, the Pantone Color Institute’s colour of the year for 2015 is Marsala, a rich reddish-brown tone which they describe as having a seductive, unifying element and a sophisticated natural earthiness that will add elegance to any project - and a perfect choice for the Year of the Goat! 

With my warmest Chinese New Year wishes to you: Sui Sui Ping An - harmony and safety all year through.