Feng Shui Decorating - A Breath of Fresh Air

Decorating is a great opportunity to make a fresh impact and create a new sense of harmony and well being.  It is also a time to consider just what you paint on to your surfaces. The World Health Organisation recognises that harmful residual emissions from conventional paints undermine the air quality even years they have been applied.  What is the point of refreshing your walls, but upsetting the environment and challenging your health?

The answer is to use only a quality natural based paint and there is one that I feel comfortable about introducing to all my Feng Shui clients. Not just because it carries the Allergy UK Seal of Approval and is completely free from solvents, VOCs, toxins and odour. Lakeland Paints www.lakelandpaints.co.uk water-based range (formerly Ecos) includes two of my very favourite paint products. So I want to share them with you.   

Their Feng Shui multi-purpose paint with its stylish colour range is the ideal answer to creating a calm, coordinated feeling in any room. It can be applied to walls, doors, woodwork, window frames and radiators. The overall unified effect looks so professional and it feels really harmonious. Being washable means it also works well for kitchens and in children’s playrooms.

Their revolutionary Air Purifying paint permanently filters out and neutralises airbourne pollutants such as solvents, formaldehyde, VOCs, other chemicals and some traffic fumes. independent testing has verified its effectiveness which apparently lasts for years. It has the full colour range and is ideal for bedrooms of children or adults with respiratory sensitivities, helping them enjoy a more peaceful and healthier sleep.  Beautifully natural paint solutions.